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The Statsenko Law Firm, P.C. - is association of the lawyers in Kharkiv, who provide high-qualified legal services in Ukraine for your startup. To open business in Ukraine is not very complicated legal service but there are a lot of peculiarities in Ukraine which the Clients don’t know. The market of start-up legal services in Ukraine is satiated among law firms in Ukraine but we propose the complex legal support to our Clients.

We are young Ukrainian attorneys and lawyers but persistent and aimed for a Client benefit like a interpipe Ukraine. As a value to our customers, we may include the legal services we are able to provide and the appropriate fee for each service.

Attorney law office Kharkiv.

The customers are proposed to enter into both single time and long running agreements on legal services with various payment terms and conditions depending on the scope of works - through a monthly payment for the specified number of hours or through payment for specific services rendered when required. The price of our services amounts to from 50 through to 200 US dollars per one hour of work for  companies and individuals. The prices of services can be less or more than those above depending on complexity of works and duration of performance of the order, on the terms and conditions of the agreement with a client, the time period for performance. In individual cases in addition to the hourly payment a client shall pay to the performer an additional fee in the amount of 5-20% of the losses incurred, the amount of the agreement (contract) to be paid to the client by the party at fault, and in other cases stipulated by agreements on legal assistance.

The fields of the activity are: the legislation on entrepreneurship, on investment activity, on taxation, the land law, the legislation on real estate, the copyright, the legislation on telecommunication.

International family law Kharkiv.

Attorney Ukraine provides deep advisory services and help in all legal issues concerning doing business in Ukraine, M&A; Ukraine and other legal services. We propose for your consideration the next list of legal services we are specialized in:

  • Complex legal support of foreign investments;
  • Registration of the legal entity (company) in Ukraine;
  • Assistance and consultations at the time of establishing various enterprises, business partnerships;
  • Liquidate Ukrainian company;
  • Acquisition and sale of a ready-made business, company (M&A;);
  • Conducting seminars (workshops);
  • Intellectual property;
  • Agreements analysis and drafting;
  • Litigation;
  • Legal support of the companies;
  • Making various legal documents, complaints and applications;
  • Settlement of disputes with tax authorities;
  • Assistance at the time of entering into agreements (contracts) and accompanying services;
  • Consultations on issues of economic, tax, land law, copyright, the legislation on telecommunication, real estate, and foreign investments.

Law Office of Jamal Statsenko in Kharkiv. Legal Services in Kharkiv.

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You may reach by phone at +380 95 505 11 55 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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Jamal Statsenko
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