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Ukranian Attorney at law Jamal Statsenko (Ukraine, Kharkiv) provides juridical assistance on the Ukranian Constitutional Law, Ukranian Municipal Law, Ukranian Civil Law, Ukranian Commercial Law, Ukranian Copyright Law, Ukranian Labor Law, Ukranian Administrative Law and other branches of the Ukranian law.

Attorney provides with legal advice on the Ukranian Commercial Law, Copyright Law, including intellectual property rights for software, intellectual rights for multimedia, author's rights in the internet, copyright for literature, author's rights for architecture and design.. Juridical advice to private persons and companies on the matters of investments into Ukranian companies. Attorney advises on legal issues of Ukranian Corporate Law, legal status of Ukranian companies, business risks in Ukraine.

Attorney may represent Your legal interests before the Ukranian state and municipal bodies and before any companies. Advice on written claims regarding sale and purchase agreements. Attorney represents You in all Ukranian courts concerning court claims and appeal procedures.

A Ukranian attorney, Ukranian lawyer or a Ukranian law firm?

If You have not yet decided between a Ukranian attorney, a Ukranian lawer or a Ukranian law firm, I hope the following features of legal services and juridical help provided by a Ukranian attorney will help You to make a choice:

  • addressing to an attorney You communicate with a qualified lawyer empowered by the Ukranian Law to provide private persons and legal entities with qualified juridical help, including consultations on various legal matters, representing in Russian courts, as well as in state and municipal bodies, drafting appeals, complaints and other legal documents;
  • observing interests of the client the attorney follows not only the Ukranian legislation but also the Code of Attorney's Professional Ethics binding for Ukranian attorneys. Thus the attorney is accountable not only before You as a client for juridical help itself, but also before the Attorney’s Community for observing his duties and ethic norms;
  • an attorney will keep in secret all info about You and legal assistance provided. The attorney secret is protected by the Ukranian law.

According to the Ukranian Law the attorney can not be examined as a witness about circumstances connected with juridical help provided to his client.

Business lawyer, attorney at law office. Family law office. Criminal law firm Kharkiv.

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You may reach by phone at +380 95 505 11 55 (Viber, WhatsApp)

With Regards,
Jamal Statsenko
Attorney at Law

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