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Investing in Ukraine (Kharkiv, Kiev) - tax and legal advice for potential international investors.

Investments into Ukraine can be performed in such forms:

  • Partial participation in the enterprises which are created together with Ukrainian legal and physical persons, or buying a part of workable plants;
  • Creation of the enterprises which completely belong to foreign investors, branches or buying in the property the whole workable plants;
  • Acquisition of immovable or mobile property by direct reception of property and property complexes or in the form of shares;
  • Acquisition of the rights to use the earth and use natural resources in the territory of Ukraine;• Acquisition of other property rights;
  • Economic activity which basis on agreements and goods distribution;
  • Other forms which aren’t prohibited by laws of Ukraine, including forms without creation of the legal entity only making contracts with subjects of economic activities from Ukraine.

The basic legal form of realization of investing in Ukraine is the agreement. Therefore during realization of investment projects act the rules, which usually accepted for the contractual agreements.

In 2010 foreign investors put 5 billions 986 million dollars of direct investments in the economy of Ukraine, it is on 6,2 % more than in 2009. The Public service of statistics of Ukraine reports about this fact.

At the same time, it is necessary to notice that the property which is imported into Ukraine as an installment of the foreign investor is released from taxation by a duty in an order established by the Law «About a mode of foreign investments Ukraine».

Very often the direct foreign investments are put only on acquaintance with enterprise management. Other cases concern “accidents” of business and it is impossible to analyze them. A great number of Ukrainian companies have no accurate strategy of development. Only large already have led the accounting records to standards to be inviting to foreign investors who are eager to invest Ukraine.

Even business sale in such conditions doesn’t solve a problem. Economic growth always stimulates development of small companies, and on the contrary. The quantity of small enterprises grows.

In Ukraine investments infrastructure functions are created and the branched out: share, commodity and universal stock exchanges, deposit takers, keepers, registrars, etc.

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