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Temporary Residence Permit - Kharkiv (TRP in Ukraine).

According to Art. 3 of the Law of Ukraine “On Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons”, foreigners and stateless persons who immigrated to Ukraine with the purpose of permanent residence or temporary employment shall obtain a permit for permanent residence or a temporary residence permit.

Permanent residence is obtained due to complicated procedures to get permission to immigrate to Ukraine, visa and then apply for a permit for permanent residence. In accordance with clause 8 of the Rules of Entry of Foreigners and Stateless Persons into Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine to work in case of presence of employment permit and employment visa IM-1, shall get a temporary residence permit at immigration department (OVIR). Foreigners and stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine to participate in projects of international technical assistance, registered in the prescribed manner, based on visa type C-3 with a special inscription on the visa “International technical assistance” also shall get a temporary residence permit at immigration department (OVIR).

Temporary residence permit may (and should) only be obtained if entering into Ukraine under visa IM-1 (this immigration visa is issued only on the basis of work permit for 1 year) or under visa C-3 (“International technical assistance”).In other cases (for other types of visas) – getting a permit for Temporary Residence is not needed, as well as registration at immigration department (OVIR). In this case, the only registration of foreigner who enter Ukraine is provided while crossing the border.

List of documents for a temporary permit - Kharkiv:

The documents submitted for registration permit for Temporary Residence to immigration department (OVIR) are not exhaustive, not set by law and in Kharkiv (in different cities may differ) include 15 points (sometimes are required additional documents):

From enterprise which employs a foreigner:

1. certificate on state registration (notary copy);

2. Copy of Statistics;

3. Copy of bank account opening;

4. Certificate on the absence of tax arrears to the budget;

5. copy of registration card at immigration department.


1. copy of the first page of the passport (with translation into Ukrainian and notarized);

2. copy of an identification code;

3. work permit (notarized);

4. medical reports on AIDS, tuberculosis, certificate of narcologist;

5. certificate of criminal record in Ukraine;

6. certificate about family members;

7. certificate concerning all adult family members (18 years) of no objections to registration of the citizen (or a notary certified);

8. contract of sale or lease of the apartment, registered with the Housing Department;

9. copy of insurance policy for emergency medical care, duration – 1 year;

10. 6 black and white photos of size 3×4 cm, mat.

The company, which employed foreigner shall independently provide all documents and be registered at the immigration departmental (VVIR). If not registered, the registration services of the enterprise is a separate legal service.

Usually, the procedure of obtaining temporary residence permit shall be provided within 1-2 weeks. Thus, upon receiving a permit for temporary residence:

• A foreigner’s passport is canceled registration of foreigners at the place of actual residence;

• A foreigner’s passport stamp, which indicate that foreigner is in Ukraine on the basis of issued for him permits and temporary residence permit;

• foreigner crosses the border of Ukraine without visas on the basis of temporary residence permit.

As a result of all actions in the passport of a foreigner shall be the mark on the registration of temporary residence in Ukraine and shall be issued Certificate on temporary residence permit.

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